Common Shopify Development Error
August 20, 2021
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Troubleshooting Common Shopify errors during development

A Colleciton of error I come across with Shopify at work and my personal project.

[API] This action requires merchant approval for read_themes scope.


go into Apps ->
Manage private apps ->
inside Apps ->
under Admin API ->
click Review disabled Admin API permission ->
Theme templates and theme assets ->
change to read and write.

Your Pixel ID is not ready

Setting up Pixel in Shopify might be an easy process, but when you encounter an issue, debugging it might not be as easy as you think

If you have done the following process…

1. Install pixel on your website
2. Install Required metadata tags for each product.
3. Ensure Pixel fire has been sent from your website.
4. Waited 24 hours 

and you still cannot add a product with Pixels, i.e your pixel account is NOT READY, this is how you debug it.

This might be your productID in microdata is not setup properly.

  • Go to this microdata debugging to debug your product.

The debugging tools might give you an error which is realted to productID.

At this point, you will have to look at your theme files and find out where your microdata-schema is added.

for my client theme, its under a file call


then under my product data I just have to add this line

"productID": "{{ product.id | json }}",

this will solve the productID issue, rerun the microdata debugging tools and you should be ready to add a product with your Pixel account.

  • If you also encounter this warning while you debugging
invalid: google_product_category

you can also add this field in the microdata schema as well. However this only apply to Shopify site selling only 1 type of product.

  1. Check your google categories here

  2. go to your microdata-schema.liquid file

add the category number like this

category: "505365" 

This should fully validate your product microdata schema.

If you find my tips are useful, please support my work :)



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