Hi, I'm a selftaught software developer

This blog is to document my day to day challenges in software development, freelacing and entreprenurship.

Zendesk Theme Development
Zendesk theme development is painful I have been working with zendesk theme development in the past…
August 25, 2021
1 min
Netlify Cloudflare DNS
Using Cloudflare DNS for my Netlify Gatsby site I have been working on this sideproject for awhile…
August 20, 2021
1 min
Common Error In Expo
#Troubleshooting Common Rect Native Expo errors during development connect ECONNREFUSED 127.0.0.…
August 20, 2021
1 min
Gatsby Learning Tips
##Gatsby implementation and learning tips Adding Customize Adsense Ad to Gatsby site. Adding ads…
August 17, 2021
2 min
Becoming Web Developer
In this blog post I would go over how to learn web development from scratch with zero knowledge. I…
August 17, 2021
1 min
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