Hi, I'm a selftaught software developer

This blog is to document my day to day challenges in software development, freelacing and entreprenurship.

Common Gatsby Shopify Error Encounter During Development
Gatsby shopify plugin issue. Gatsby Shopify token authorization issue Your plugins must export known…
August 25, 2021
1 min
Netlify Cloudflare DNS
Using Cloudflare DNS for my Netlify Gatsby site I have been working on this sideproject for awhile…
August 20, 2021
1 min
Common Error In Expo
#Troubleshooting Common Rect Native Expo errors during development connect ECONNREFUSED 127.0.0.…
August 20, 2021
1 min
Gatsby Learning Tips
##Gatsby implementation and learning tips Adding Customize Adsense Ad to Gatsby site. Adding ads…
August 17, 2021
2 min
Becoming Web Developer
In this blog post I would go over how to learn web development from scratch with zero knowledge. I…
August 17, 2021
1 min
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